Xander by Drethi A.

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Xander (Forbidden Ice: Hockey Gods of Olympus #1) by Drethi A., Nenia Campbell

She fought battles for others… never expecting someone to wage a war for her.
Calm. Calculating. Disciplined.

Xander Maxwell thrives on controlling his emotions. The ruthless hockey player leaves it all on the ice but is levelheaded outside the rink. Until he comes face to face with his estranged father’s beautiful young bride.

Jordan—a walking wet dream with heart-stopping curves, a sunshine smile, golden hair, and bright blue eyes.
He shouldn’t be enticed. His only goal is to no longer live under his father’s thumb. It doesn’t matter that Jordan is the most beautiful woman on earth or that she radiates like the sun itself.
There is only one problem. She is everywhere—in his thoughts, in every bone, even in his blood. She has snuck into his dreams, and he can’t wrench her out.

Xander – Drethi A., Nenia Campbell

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