Yours Impatiently by Laura Rush

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Yours Impatiently (Letters from the Heart #2) by Laura Rush

So, how’s the bet going with Margo?
Look, I just wanted a date with her!
That’s all…
However she had to go all stubborn, snappy and downright infuriating on me.
So, I had no choice, I turned it into a game.
I bet her, that I could get her back into my bed before my cousin’s wedding weekend was over.
Seemed simple enough.
Nope…I’m failing miserably!
But, when she opens that beautiful British mouth of hers, her eyes burning with hate, telling me to go to hell…
Well, I’m fuelled with even more desire to pull this whole thing off.
She might think she’s winning the war, but I’m determined, I’ll be the one coming out on top… she’s mine for sure!

So, how’s the bet going with Colton?
Well, let’s say…
I’ve got him thinking I have this under control, but the truth is, I’m fighting for my goddam life over here.
He’s attractive and he knows it.
He talks filthy and he enjoys it.
Worst of all…Maybe, I do too!

Yours Impatiently – Laura Rush

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