Zepharali: Lord of the East Winds by A.E. Via

Zepharali: Lord of the East Winds (Lords of the Wind #3) by A.E. Via – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Lord of the East Wind and Titan of Tir Scáthanna, the Land of Three Suns.His winds ignite the summer season and the blossoms of new love and passion.
“A tribrid vampire is wickedness personified. I will send you to the Land of Three Suns,” the Mother of Earth smiled. “A beloved with a titan heart can save you from the evil within.”
The presence of a powerful entity taking refuge in his realm alarms Zepharali.This being has a dark aura, but also a sweet, irresistible scent he’s never experienced.They could be an upper-level vampire, a warlock, a fire lord, or gods forbid, all three, capable of harnessing the dark elements, and making them the most formidable adversary he’s ever faced.He hopes they can be reasoned with, because Zepharali has yet to unleash the full forces of his summer suns, which could shatter the peace of his realm.
NOTE: This is a story of fantasy with woven elements of mythology that have been modified. This series is set in fictional worlds, and partly on Earth. Some descriptions, geography, and landscapes may have been altered to fit the story.
Trigger Warning: Violence

Zepharali: Lord of the East Winds – A.E. Via ePUB

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