Zafira by Linzi Basset

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Zafira (The Guzun Bratva #5) by Linzi Basset

The conclusion to this riveting dark mafia series.

Zafira Guzun
The Guzun Matriarch, or Comare, as everyone in the Bratva called me. A name I earned as the wife of one of the most respected Bratva Pakhans ever. After his death, I stepped back, preferring to leave the hard decisions to my children… or so everyone thought.
Betrayal is a hard pill to swallow. This time, it turned sideways in my throat. Now, I’m being suffocated by those I loved and trusted unconditionally. No more… it was time for them to suffer the consequences.

Bogdan Rusu
The ubiytsa smerti or the death slayer as everyone in the Bratva called me. A moniker I earned as the advisor to the Pakhan of the Guzun Bratva. I’m respected because I’m a nice guy… but I’m feared more, because I have no mercy.
Keeping Zafira Guzun safe had been my priority since her husband passed away. It hasn’t been easy, especially since she meant more to me than being my boss. She was my heart… except she didn’t trust me and that hurt… deeply.

Zafira – Linzi Basset

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