Wristlocked by AK Blythe

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Wristlocked (Broken Boys of Cirque #1) by AK Blythe

Monsters don’t cry… they devour.

I’m a monster, disguised as a princess. Only Lyot has seen pieces of what lurks beneath the circus prodigy, and some shadows are too dark for even my best friend to handle. Gale Shepard, on the other hand, is just my kind of nightmare…

I’m in love with a beautiful monster. Just because she’s been by my side since we were kids doesn’t mean she won’t destroy me. While I’m reeling in the wreckage of the only future I’ve ever wanted, Gia offers up a darker dream. One that includes a green-eyed sadist and has me wondering: Maybe it’s time to let my own shadows out to play…

I’m the biggest monster at the top circus school in the country and I’m trapped in a cage. When cirque royalty Gia Laurent shows up with her pretty boy guard dog, I know she’s the key to my freedom. But when our shadows collide, forcing our duo act out of rehearsals and into my bed, all I want is to claim every flavor of her pain—including the man she left broken on his knees.

Wristlocked – AK Blythe

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