Wrangling Her Heart by Christine Sterling

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Wrangling Her Heart (First Families of Flat River #10) by Christine Sterling

Tillie Youngerman had only two goals after her father died. Find her beloved missing brother and bring him home. But to do so, she must dodge her estranged brother’s schemes and stay two steps ahead of the law. If she fails, she could spend the rest of her life in jail.
Rancher Rex Hartman has never courted a woman, so when his brother-in-law’s siblings show up in Flat River and need a place to stay, he finds himself attracted to one of their houseguests. But the more he gets to know Tillie, the more he realizes she’s hiding a secret; one that could change his family forever. When the past catches up with them, will Rex be able to protect both Tillie and his heart?

Wrangling Her Heart – Christine Sterling

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