Worthy of her Love by L.L. Diamond

Worthy of her Love (The Montford Cousins #4) by L.L. Diamond – Download this book in ePUB or in PDF for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Jane Montford is at a loss. She has received calls and requests to dance from gentlemen at balls, yet nothing comes of them. Her stepmother, Mrs. Bennet, always told her she was not so beautiful for nothing, yet both her sister Elizabeth and her cousin Amelia wed before her—even her cousin Nicholas found love before her! What do gentlemen find so objectionable about her? And why does no man seem inclined to court her?While walking in Hyde Park, Jane stumbles across two alone and frightened little girls in need of her aid. Their father, the Duke of Albemarle, just so happens to be a widower as well as handsome and genial, yet what would a duke want with her? Jane’s father is nothing but a country gentleman who married to the daughter of a tradesman after the death of his own wife. Despite those professing he is courting her, the duke would, no doubt, seek a lady with higher connexions than the granddaughter of an earl, would he not?Henry Granville, the Duke of Albemarle, is in need of a wife. After his daughters are found frightened and alone in Hyde Park, Miss Jane Montford is thrust into his notice. Could she be the lady he seeks? But what if in courting Miss Montford, he brings danger to her door. After all, his brother Simon longs to be duke, and Henry has reason to believe his younger brother is behind the mysterious circumstances of his daughters in Hyde Park. What if by marrying Miss Montford, he makes her a target? Henry must protect his family at all costs, but first, how to prove himself worthy of Miss Montford’s love?

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