Worth a Shot by Amy Ewing

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Worth a Shot by Amy Ewing

A wildly romantic story on a wild island with the promise of hope, redemption and self-discovery at its core.

Cordelia James was once at the top of her game-a renowned street photographer with a massive social media following, gallery showings in Chelsea, and a lucrative book deal. But after the sudden death of her father, everything changed. Now, Cordelia can barely force herself to leave her apartment. That is, until she sees an ad for a summer gig at a cozy cottage on Ireland’s picturesque Inishmore island. Rent-free, plus a small stipend if willing to do some menial housework and look after an elderly neighbour. Cordelia is on a plane before she can talk herself out of it.
But practically the moment she steps off the boat, she crashes-literally-into Niall O’Connor, a grumpy local who’s just returned home to Inishmore from Dublin. Cordelia’s camera breaks, and Niall doesn’t give a horse’s arse about it. He’s nursing a broken heart and trying to patch up a broken life, and he has no time for posh American tourists or their thousand-dollar hobbies. The more Cordelia’s and Niall’s paths cross, the more they make each other’s lives hell. But as with all rivalries, their hatred is about to reach a tipping point-and it’s going to heat up their cool coastal nights.

Featuring a lovable band of quirky supporting characters, Worth a Shot is an emotionally gripping tale of love, passion, art, food, and finding your community-even if that community happens to be on a remote island thousands of miles from home.

Worth a Shot – Amy Ewing

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