Worshipping Vines by Brianna Q. Price

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Worshipping Vines (Preacher’s Kid) by Brianna Q. Price

Leah Vines, a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist, was meant to remain in the shadows, never to be acknowledged by her father, the senior pastor of Sweet Deliverance Baptist Church. Reluctantly taken in by him and his wife after her mother’s sudden passing, Leah’s upbringing was marked by a facade of perfection. Appearing picture-perfect before his congregation and the public at all times was a requirement. After more than a decade of being free from the manipulative grip of her religious family, she has no interest in love and marriage. To her, the two offered nothing but lies and broken promises.

Enter Noah Wesley, a familiar face from Leah’s past, whose reappearance threatens to unravel the carefully constructed walls around her heart. Although she rebuffs Noah’s advances for anything beyond the physical, her resolve begins to crumble under the weight of his unwavering pursuit. As their connection deepens, Noah embarks on a mission to dismantle Leah’s defenses and unlock the love buried beneath the scars of her upbringing. He soon discovers that the key to Leah’s heart lies in simply worshipping her.

Worshipping Vines – Brianna Q. Price

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