Work: Strictly Professional by Jesse H Reign

Work: Strictly Professional (Bad Decisions #2) by Jesse H Reign – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

“Not to worry, I’ll compensate you for your time and your…skill.”
My boss is a walking red flag. He’s bolshy and rude. Impossible to please. A big, broody man with dark eyes that carry an unmistakable message – I am not manageable.Seriously, he’s the worst.If it’s not bad enough that he’s a nightmare in the office, he’s all but ordering me to be his date to his son’s wedding. He says it’s called ‘winning a divorce.’I try telling him that’s not a real thing but it falls on deaf ears.Not only that, he appears to be in the throes of a major personal awakening and is determined that I’m the man to guide him through it. Normally, I’m all for going above and beyond in the name of being a star performer at work, but the services he requires are becoming increasingly indecent.See what I mean? Red flags galore. So many red flags I can’t count them all.I might as well be playing a game of red flag bingo at this point.Just my luck, when it comes to Derek MacAvoy…I see a red flag and instantly want to date it.

Work: Strictly Professional – Jesse H Reign ePUB

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