Wolf Sacrificed by Bethany Shaw

Wolf Sacrificed (Betrayed by Blood #4) by Bethany Shaw – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

I’m a new alpha with no training in the middle of a pack war. Losing means death for everyone I hold dear.
My father put his faith in my ability to lead the pack, but I fear it was misplaced. So does everyone else. They watch me, scrutinizing everything I do, like they’re waiting to challenge me.We have more important things to worry about, though, like the deranged Alpha Dane and Pack Wolf Blood. They killed my father and have attacked us relentlessly. One wrong move, and the pack will fall.My mates, Lincoln and Sawyer, are doing their best to help me lead the pack, but I’m the one everyone looks to. Lincoln has my back and is helping me with the day-to-day, but Sawyer is still a mole in Alpha Dane’s pack. He’s helping us way too much, and it’s only a matter of time before his father finds out.As more packs fall around us, the pressure to run is high. Even Lincoln and Sawyer think we should go.I refuse to give up my family’s home, though. I say we stay and fight.But if I fail, we will lose everything.

Wolf Sacrificed – Bethany Shaw ePUB

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