Wish You Were French by Elaelah Harley [ePub]

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Wish You Were French by Elaelah Harley

Audrey Clarke’s fixation with France has gone too far—it inspires the food she eats, the clothes she wears, and even the men she dates. She wants to leave everything behind to move abroad, but when she hears a foreigner has come to her small coastal town in Australia, her delusion gets the best of her. Audrey thinks she’s finally going to meet her French Prince, and there’s just one problem: he’s British.
Theo Atkins is cocky, carefree, and convinced he can win her heart. While Audrey doesn’t intend to let Theo get in the way of her Parisian dreams, when the two spend more time together, she can’t help but think he’s perfect… even if he’s not her type. Just as she begins to question what she really wants, everything is torn away in a blink when Theo leaves the country without warning.
Years later, Audrey’s on her path to Paris but instead finds herself detoured to London for a work project. But London is smaller than she hopes, and she finds out her new client is George Atkins, Theo’s dad. As old wounds resurface, Audrey hopes her hardened heart is strong enough to not give Theo a second chance at romance.

Wish You Were French – Elaelah Harley

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