Winning the Grumpy Cowboy by Tamrin Banks

Winning the Grumpy Cowboy (Iron H Ranch #2) by Tamrin Banks – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Callie Hart:Every Saturday morning, Rory Eastman, the new foreman at Iron H Ranch comes into my bakery for his favorite treat, one of my cinnamon twists with blackberry frosting. My heart races at his first grumpy growl and I don’t settle down until his perfect behind hits the door. He’s big as a bear and twice as growly and I am here for every minute of it.But when he finds out he’s about to be auctioned off in the next batch of charity sales, he asks me for the strangest favor.“Be my girlfriend. My fake girlfriend.”I don’t know why he asked and I don’t really care. All I know is I can’t tell him no. Even if it hurts when he decides we’re done faking a romance that feels way too real to me.
Rory Eastman:I crave Callie Hart’s desserts almost as much as I crave her. She’s so young and bubbly. So dang pretty and sweet. I can’t stay away from her.It’s look but don’t touch though. I don’t need or want a woman. Not since my wife died.But the dang ranch has a draw that I don’t know about and I’m stuck and can’t get out of it. Until I come up with a plan.The only woman I know that isn’t married is the cute little baker.Now I’m faking a relationship with a girl that’s way too good for me and I’m shocked when all these crazy feelings keep coming up whenever I’m around her. I want to protect her and claim her as my own.But I’m not made for a real relationship. I learned that the hard way. I see an amazing future in her sapphire eyes and I’m not sure if I want to run or stay. All I know is I can’t lose her. I need her too.much to let this thing between us slip away.

Winning the Grumpy Cowboy – Tamrin Banks ePUB

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