Wife Wanted by Laramie Briscoe [ePub]

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Wife Wanted (Wife for Hire Agency) by Laramie Briscoe

That’s the subject line of the email I send to the Wife for Hire Agency. After all, I’m desperate.
Almost two years have gone by since I broke up with my last girlfriend. Little did I know the final time we were together, a little miracle was created.
In my thirty-five years I’ve never thought about being a father, had relegated myself to not having children, but that all changed when my ex-girlfriend leaves my daughter on my front doorstep.
Before I know it, I’m emailing the agency, getting paired with a woman twelve-years my junior, and trying desperately not to act on the attraction between us. But we’re both wearing rings, and she’s changed her last name.
Will we eventually give in, or will this marriage remain in name only?

Wife Wanted – Laramie Briscoe

Download Wife Wanted by Laramie Briscoe [ePub]

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