Wicked Vows by Jo McCall

Wicked Vows (Sovereign Brotherhood Trilogy #2) by Jo McCall – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

He’s the head of the most feared crime family in New Orleans–And I was supposed to be his bride…I’ve spent the last few years running as far as I could to get away from him.Only to have him find me, drag me down the aisle and make me say “I do”Kenzo Nakamura.The devil in an Armani suit.Head of the Yakuza and my fiance.The match had been arranged long before I was born.A blood oath between our fathers.At eighteen, he came to collect.

But before he could force me down the aisle, I ran.Fast and far.I should have known I could never outrun him.He haunts my every step.An elusive figure I can’t escape.Every turn, he is there.I never truly escaped him.We’ve been playing a game of cat and mouse.And he’s finally done playing with his prey.He says he owns me.That he will punish me for running away.He expects me to be docile.Meek.I’m anything but.The head of the Yakuza has let a viper into his bed.And I’ll strike before I let him ruin me.

Wicked Vows – Jo McCall ePUB

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