Wicked Little Game by Ivy Porter

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Wicked Little Game by Ivy Porter

He is her bodyguard. She is the bane of his existence.

Closed-off, brooding, and dominant, Samuel Ryves likes his privacy, his weapons, and his rules. Like the one about never letting anyone close to his heart again.
Until a mission forces him to work as a bodyguard for the most annoying, infuriating, and unfortunately also most alluring woman he ever met: Ruby Barron.
He can’t afford to let anyone distract him. Especially not now, with higher-ups who demand results and a captain who is sure that he needs a break after all that has happened last year.
Ruby is everything he doesn’t want, everything he shouldn’t want, and still, she gets him to break his rules … over and over.

Wicked Little Game – Ivy Porter


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