Wicked Games by Kristin Buoni [ePub]

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Wicked Games (Sinners of Babylon Prep) by Kristin Buoni

They’re young, rich, ruthless… and one of them is a killer.

In the halls of Babylon Prep, a group of wealthy students reign supreme, led by the brutal and hypnotically handsome Maverick Reinhart.
I’m the new scholarship kid from the wrong side of the tracks, instantly marking me as Maverick’s latest target. I thought I could survive his wrath if I kept my head down, but then the invitations arrived; the ones with blood-red seals and ominous instructions. Before I knew it, I was trapped in a locked-down mansion with all of my worst bullies, and now high school is no longer my biggest survival challenge.
The rules in this place are simple: play the deadly games, or you don’t get out.
I’ll do whatever it takes to stay alive and unmask our mysterious captor, even if that means seeking sanctuary with Maverick. But his protection comes with a price… and it could cost me my heart.

Wicked Games – Kristin Buoni

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