Whispers of Obsession by Crystal North

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Whispers of Obsession by Crystal North, Kira Roman

There’s more than one way to be good, and even good girls can be corrupted.
Cora needs a monster to guide her into the right kind of darkness.
My darkness.
Where she’ll reign by my side for all eternity.

I’ve always been a good girl. The one who stays out of trouble, works hard in school, and supports my struggling mom…but suddenly I find myself doing naughty things. Things I was not raised to do. Things I definitely shouldn’t be doing with my teacher.
When a masked man learns my dirty little secret, he takes it upon himself to claim me, to punish me until I learn not only to accept his brutal pleasure but to love and crave it.
I’ll be his good girl, no matter the cost.

My stepsister is too naïve, too trusting…too tempting.
I spent so long trying to get over my obsession with her, thinking time and distance would help. But now I’m back in Cora’s life, powerless to stay away from her.
It doesn’t matter that she’s barely eighteen, I shouldn’t be looking at her and thinking about her the way I am. But the truth is, I’ll stop at nothing to protect her and keep her safe – even if it’s from her own bad choices and the vultures that circle her, biding their time.
She’s mine.
She just doesn’t know it yet.

This book is a DARK romance suitable for readers 18+. This book may contain content which is upsetting to some individuals. Please see the disclaimer inside for full details.
You have been warned.

Whispers of Obsession – Crystal North, Kira Roman

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