When Shadows Seek Light by Sarah C Davies

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When Shadows Seek Light by Sarah C Davies


Abused by his father and abandoned by his mother, Prince Matthias has never known love. He dreams of the day he can leave with only the song of his veslo and his wolf companion for company. When his father’s soldiers imprison a feisty warrior from the enemy kingdom, something dormant inside him awakens and he decides to help her escape. Making him his father’s newest target.

Major Adalia knows better than anyone that those who dwell in the Kingdom of Oscuro are wicked. But after the Prince of Darkness risks his own freedom to save her, she reconsiders her beliefs. With his life now on the line, Adalia offers Matthias refuge in her home, where his sad song, alluring smile and frustrating charm draw her in.

Between longing glances, stolen kisses, and two kingdoms on the brink of war, Matthias finds himself enthralled by Adalia and her world. But as his fears of unworthiness and rejection surface, the prince must make a choice. Return to the shadows of his old life, or follow his heart by fighting beside the woman he’s falling for.

When Shadows Seek Light – Sarah C Davies

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