What I Should Have Said by R.L. Atkinson

What I Should Have Said by R.L. Atkinson – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Where danger dances on the edge of desire and love comes with a price.

Starting over in a small town, in a place Jane’s never been, is hard enough without the fact that at her first day in a new gym, she sat on a guy’s face. His face.
Jane Barlow’s life is upended when her father is killed by the cartel he’s chasing. To keep her family safe, the FBI suggests moving somewhere new. Roped into a fake relationship that becomes anything but, she gives everything to Griffin, only for him to rip her heart out and then disappear.
Griffin Marsh, an almost-retired Navy SEAL (almost being the keyword), finds himself absolutely smitten by the strangest woman he’s ever met and fumbles the bag at a very crucial moment. Stubborn as always, Jane refuses to give him the time of day, and he knows it’s deserved.
When Griffin’s military life collides with Jane’s personal one, will he be able to make it to her in time to save her life? Will she be able to soften her heart and forgive him—before it’s too late?
Or will they both be destined to live in what could have been?

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