Werewolf in Shining Armor by Minerva Howe

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Werewolf in Shining Armor (Werewolf Knights #1) by Minerva Howe

When Symon takes over Shiftr Inc, he reminds himself that while he might be a corporate raider, he’s not an uncivilized wolf. Which is why when he meets tech expert Adrian, his reponse surprises him.
Adrian is okay with being a lone wolf who’s good at code and who has a Pallas cat for a bestie. Really. He never has needed other wolves. So when he meets the new boss, he’s shocked at how close he wants to get.
The two of them have to band together to fight both a threat to the company and to their new relationship, and deal with Symon’s meddling brothers at the same time. Can they prove that it okay to be a werewolf knight in shining armor?

Werewolf in Shining Armor – Minerva Howe

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