WarBride by Sylvia Mercedes

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WarBride (WarBride #1) by Sylvia Mercedes

Ruthless. Bloodthirsty. Killer.
And now? Her husband.

Ilsevel knows exactly how brutal the fae raiders are. She watched them attack the holy shrine of her god, slaughter the priests, and drag her sister away screaming into darkness.
So when she’s forced up onto the auction block to be sold off as a warbride to the highest bidder—and when the chilling warlord, Taarthalor, pushes his way to the front of the crowd and lays down an outrageous bid—Ilsevel fears her nightmare is only just beginning.
Taar took one look at the fiery little human, and something in him sparked. He cannot explain it. He knows only that he will not see her sold off to one of the soulless monsters trying to outbid each other for a chance to use and discard her soft, womanly flesh.
If that means binding himself to her by marriage, so be it.

Can this dark king convince his bride not to murder him in his sleep before he can decide what to do with her? Or do the gods have other plans in store for the captive princess and her terrifying new husband?

WarBride – Sylvia Mercedes

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  • Date June 3, 2024
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