Wagon Train Hope by Linda Ford

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Wagon Train Hope (Wagons West #2) by Linda Ford

Differences Collide.

Irene, an unconventional and daring woman, will make sure her family safely crosses the wide fontier and at the end of the journey, she’ll find something that allows her to be the person she wants to be. The last thing she needs is a man bound up by dos and don’ts.
Once they get to the Fort, Walt plans to settle down on a nice, quiet ranch and raise cows. He doesn’t want drama in his life. And Irene is the embodiment of such- rushing into danger, taking chances. She’s certainly not good for a man’s peace of mind.
Sparks fly as they clash over their differences. When she goes against his orders, he ends up rescuing her, proving his point. But then she comes to his rescue in a dramatic moment. It could be he is discovering how valuable her bravery is and she is learning to appreciate the security his steadiness offers.
Will this unlikely pair learn that love turns differences into blessings and strengths? Or will a desperate pioneer lady ruin their chances just when it seems they have learned to value each other?

Wagon Train Hope – Linda Ford

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