Voltage by Eva Marks [ePub]

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Voltage by Eva Marks

They say forbidden fruit tastes the sweetest. It does. Or rather, they do…

My stepson, Carter, and I run a hotel for members only. And when I say members, I mean criminals.
We give them a safe place to conduct business. If anyone steps out of line, we put them in their place. Our rules save lives, and I never wanted to break any of them.
Until now.
Somewhere along the line, Carter grew into a man. Strong and capable. I want him in a way that’s beyond inappropriate.
But everything got even messier when he met her.
Amara is sweet. Innocent. She doesn’t belong here. Which doesn’t stop Carter from wanting her.
It doesn’t stop me from wanting her, either. Wanting both of them…together.
In our world, weakness is a death sentence. Carter and Amara are my weakness…and I’m theirs.
So, this can only end in happily ever after, or bloodshed. There’s no middle ground.
Not at the Voltage.

Voltage is a spicy, dark standalone, MMF romance full of unhinged characters that you can’t help but root for. (Think Harley Quinn and the Joker meet John Wick and The Continental.)

Voltage – Eva Marks

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