Viz’en by Katie Neptune [ePub]

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Viz’en by Katie Neptune

Betrayed and caged for illegal blood experiments, Viz’en Kah vows he’ll exact his revenge, if not on the male who is torturing him, then at least on the mad scientist’s beautiful female companion. The one who haunts his thoughts.

Stolen from Earth and sold at an alien auction to a maniac, Mara Montgomery wonders if her life is over. All too quickly, however, she discovers the sordid price of her continued existence.
When Viz’en and Mara escape the lab, and they’re on the run in the jungle, secrets come to light. But it’s far too late for trust, even as passion builds. And some actions can’t be forgiven.
Despite what her instincts tell her, Mara knows she must get far away from the tormented male who makes her pulse sing and her heart break. But she doesn’t yet understand that there are no lengths Viz’en won’t travel to find Mara again and earn her love.

Viz’en – Katie Neptune

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