Virginity Sold by Bre Rose

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Virginity Sold (A Night To Remember Auction) by Bre Rose

I hate my life.
I’m twenty and should be living my best life at my college of choice. Being part of a sorority, dating the man of my dreams and getting a degree.
But I’m not.
Instead I’m working my fingers to the bone at two jobs to make sure my mother and I keep a roof over our heads. It would be even better if she didn’t squander every dime I made on her habit.
I’m slowly losing hope.
The bills are piling up and now we risk being evicted from the only home I’ve ever known. The only thing you have left of your father, even though he was a cruel man.
What do you do?
The only thing you can do! Auction off your virginity to the highest bidder!
The only problem is there’s three of them and they have much different plans than me.
I’m their plaything. It’s up to me to settle a debt owed to them.

Virginity Sold – Bre Rose

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