Viper by Bianca Lee Ward

Viper (WAR BROTHERS MC #4) by Bianca Lee Ward – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in comments.

I’ve got one month to convince her to be my wife…
Until I laid eyes on Sophie, I never planned on marriage. All that changed after our hot night together in Vegas.
Now she regrets our impulsive Vegas wedding and is demanding a divorce. But I’m not signing the papers. Hell no! I’ll give up every single one of my womanizing ways for a woman like her.
Sophie thinks I’m only infatuated with her looks, except I see how everyone underestimates her. I’m not intimidated by her wealth, her modeling career, and the trail of broken hearts she leaves behind her. What we have is different.
I’ve lived my whole life unable to feel anything thanks to my rough childhood, but for Sophie, I’ll risk everything. Her rich father and the jealous women in my club aren’t going to stand in my way.
If she wants a divorce, she’ll have to spend one month with me at the War Brothers clubhouse. Sleeping in my bed.
Then we’ll see if she still refuses to say I do…

Viper – Bianca Lee Ward ePUB

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