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Vicious Society (The Obsidian Order #2) by Morgan Bridges

Amor est finis.
Love is the ending.

The Crow:
The Obsidian Order demands not just survival but submission.
Every trial, every secret unearthed, binds me deeper to this clandestine world
where power is currency and loyalty is conditional.
Yet beneath the surface, a rebellion simmers within me.
And Delilah, my obsession, my bride, is the reason.
I vowed to protect her, to fight for her.
But can I defy the very Order that shaped me?
For my little raptor, I’d take on the world.
Because she is everything.

The Raptor:
Freedom was once a simple dream.
Now it’s complicated by the web of intrigue and danger spun around me.
Finding Ben was supposed to answer questions, not multiply them.
Not only within reality, but within myself.
Xavier, the man whose name is synonymous with both violence and death,
has become my protector.
Bound by my contract, we navigate this dark labyrinth together,
except the Bride Hunt was just the beginning.
Now, we must fight not just for our love, but for our very lives.

Vicious Society – Morgan Bridges

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