Vengeful Bonds: Season One by Nolah Harker [ePub]

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Vengeful Bonds: Season One (Onley James) by Nolah Harker

In a world rigidly defined by secondary genders, a political storm brews, challenging the traditional alpha-dominated order with progressive ideals. Amidst this upheaval, eight strangers unite against Cerberus, a corrupt power broker. Their mission, born from loss, forges an unexpected bond, transcending societal norms.

This diverse group includes Fen, a sharp-witted omega hacker, Loch, the protective alpha leader, Binnie, a charismatic alpha political consultant, Saint, the former demolitions specialist who can no longer function in polite society, and Ollie, the analytical beta. Forced together by circumstance, they join Binnie in his secure residence for safety, bringing along Fen’s roommates: Seth, an omega interpreter, San, an alpha artist, and Deacon, an unpresented makeup artist with a flair for the dramatic.
As they unravel Cerberus’s sinister plots, they discover not just the hope of justice but also an unconventional love. Forming a formidable pack of four mated pairs, they challenge the very foundations of their world, redefining family and pack bonds in a society where loyalty and love are often confined by archaic norms.

Vengeful Bonds: Season One – Nolah Harker

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