Velvet Rose by G. Elena

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Velvet Rose (Black Silk Club #0.5) by G. Elena

Rosalía Santos never pictured her life turning out this way. From packing up her life two years ago to now calling New York City home, Rosalía feels like all of her dreams have come true. Except for one.
Love hasn’t always come easy for her, at least that’s what she thinks, until she sets her eyes on a new beau. A freakishly tall, muscular, and very handsome brown-eyed man. But he’s a new member at the club where she works, so she can’t let those thoughts run free.
He’s off-limits.
Simply a transaction.
His identity might be hidden under a mask, but Rosalía wants to uncover all of his secrets, while maybe uncovering a few of her own. And she’s not too sure if she’s ready for that.

Velvet Rose – G. Elena

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