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Van (SBMC Missouri #2) by Erin Trejo

“He isn’t worth the tears, darlin’. No man is. Especially one that can hurt somethin’ as precious as you.”

Van is and has always been a player, never wanting to settle down or have a family. Growing up with a houseful of sisters, he appreciates women, and one thing he won’t ignore is men hurting women.
Chyanne is pregnant and escaping an abusive relationship. Her friend, Nicole, approaches Mask and the Soulless Bastards for sanctuary for Chyanne, which is readily given. Living at the clubhouse isn’t ideal, but beggars can’t be choosers.
The moment Van lays eyes on Chyanne, his attention is piqued, and his protectiveness of her raises his brother’s eyebrows. Everyone knows Van isn’t interested in settling down, so why is he always with Chyanne?

When Chyanne and her baby are threatened, Van will stop at nothing to keep them safe.
Can the player become a baby daddy?

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