Urn For Me by Winter Travers

Urn For Me (Royal Bastards MC: Sacramento #9) by Winter Travers – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

When you’re in the business of death, things are pretty, well, dead. Even with a motorcycle club hanging around these days, things are pretty chill or least they were until Rocco Franks walked through the doors of Brooks Mortuary and Cremation.“I’m the new owner.”Dorothy’s world is sent into a tailspin, and Rocco is all to blame.It would be so easy to hate Rocco if it weren’t for his sexy smirk, devilish humor, and… soul stealing kisses. *facepalm*
Gah! Falling for her new boss is not at all what Dorothy needs, but when it feels so right how can she not feel the urn, uh, I mean burn for Rocco?

Urn For Me – Winter Travers ePUB

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