Unexpected You by Chelsea M. Cameron

Unexpected You (Sapph in the City #1) by Chelsea M. Cameron – Download this book in ePUB or in PDF for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Cade: When I applied for a job as a personal assistant, I had no idea I’d be working for THE Eloise Roth. One of the queens of romance novels, who has dozens of bestsellers under her belt. I also had no idea that she would be strict, demanding, and difficult. Every single day I think about quitting, but for some reason I keep coming back for more.
Eloise: My new personal assistant Cadence “Cade” (ridiculous nickname, honestly) McCord is a chaotic mess who obviously lied on her resume, but something about her made me hire her anyway. Now I’m having regrets, but I’m also…intrigued. She’s young and there’s an energy about her that I like having around.
Cade: I have no idea when the hell Eloise went from my intimidating boss to the woman who stars in all of my dirtiest fantasies, but it’s becoming a real problem, and my already scattered brain is having even more trouble functioning. I’m so getting fired.
Eloise: I’m going to have to fire her. There’s no other solution to the situation I’ve found myself in. People assume that my life has been full of romance, but it’s actually the opposite. I’ve always been laser focused on my career. So why am I suddenly having new and embarrassing (and inappropriate) feelings for my absolute disaster of an assistant?

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