Undercurrent by Aurora Reese

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Undercurrent by Aurora Reese

Gemma had planned the perfect tropical getaway to celebrate her anniversary with her boyfriend, Fred…

But when Fred chooses work over fun in the sun, Gemma has to scramble to make the most out of her non-refundable vacation. Instead, she invites her best friend, Nikki, to travel with her to the other side of the world. Because nothing says, “Happy Anniversary, honey,” like getting drunk with your single best friend at a couples’ resort.

They never expected to run into their college friend, Jason, Gemma’s old crush…
She feels like she’s waking up from a dream, and maybe she’s just sobering up, or perhaps it’s something more. Now, she finds herself in paradise thousands of miles away from her long-time boyfriend, and all the old feelings are flooding back to the surface. And even though he’s married, she can feel the sparks starting to fly…

Will their getaway sizzle, or will it get washed away with the tides?

Undercurrent – Aurora Reese

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