Two Thousand Blades by Jocelynn Drake

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Two Thousand Blades (Kings of Chaos #3) by Jocelynn Drake

There’s no escape from a dragon’s hoard.
Xiang thought his biggest problem was going to be defeating the fae.
Right now, it’s escaping this dragon’s hoard.
The dragon, who tried to eat his clanmate, grabbed Xiang instead, and now Xiang is trapped.
And he’s not the only one who needs to escape the dragon’s lair.

Kai is serving as the dragon’s assistant and helping to keep Xiang from going crazy with boredom.
Xiang is sure there’s more to this sexy man beyond his sad eyes and stuffy personality, but learning all of Kai’s secrets is going to take time.
First, Xiang needs to steal Kai from the hoard, and hopefully win his heart in the process.
But will they be able to escape the reach of a very possessive dragon?

Two Thousand Blades – Jocelynn Drake

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