Twisted Vows by Roma James

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Twisted Vows (Yelchin Bratva Duet #2) by Roma James

The world thinks we’re devils—and to protect one innocent soul, we’re willing to prove it…
As top security for Miami’s Yelchin Bratva, upholding order and eliminating threats is our duty, and we do our job with stony faces and closed hearts. But when a routine coffee run brings Nika Andreev into our orbit, she awakens something we’ve forced ourselves to forget: hope.

When our rivals, a vicious Armenian gang, target Nika as a pawn in their power play, our world tilts on its axis. Unaware of the danger, she carries on with her pure heart and innocent dreams, oblivious to the war brewing in the shadows.
As the threat escalates, so does our resolve to keep her safe. Our skills, honed for destruction, now find a new purpose—to shield the one good thing in our brutal lives.
We might not be good by anyone’s standards—but our angel deserves the best, and we’ll bring hellfire down on this city to give it to her.

Twisted Vows – Roma James

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