Trick by Jessica Ames

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Trick (Manchester Chapter Untamed Sons MC #8) by Jessica Ames

My life ended in the blink of an eye. Everything I held in my heart was shattered by one bullet. Bound in my anger, I did the only thing I could and took revenge. It took eight months for me to come out of that vengeance-fuelled rage and realise I was losing the most important thing in my life: my daughter, Sophia and my club family. Rebuilding bridges and making amends is the only thing that matters now. I have to focus on my kid, and on reclaiming my rightful place in the Sons. But grief is a savage beast and I find comfort in the one person I know understands how I feel. Heidi has also suffered, but I find she’s a puzzle I can’t solve.

Every day it feels like I’m drowning in my grief and my pain, until Sophia comes into my life. She gives me purpose and reminds me that life is worth living. For too long the shadows of my past have pulled me into the darkness and it’s time to start existing again. The club was once my sanctuary, my safe haven, but it’s become a prison. I know what the brothers and old ladies think about me and what they whisper behind closed doors. They think I’m crazy, unhinged, disloyal, but everything I’ve done has been to protect the people I love.

Trick – Jessica Ames

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