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Trapped (The Wicked Chase #2) by Lola Malone

I know you.
I know you from class. You’re isolated. Frustrated.
Yeah, I know you.
Trapped with your wings pinned, like a sullen, surly butterfly.
Tonight, in the moonlit woods, you will falter. While you search for the torched lights that should lead you to freedom, your fear will keep you from finding it. But I will set you free, if you let me have my way.
I’ll obscure your senses, hunt you down, let you stumble and dip into my web, and devour you like the pretty papillon who should be mine.
My chosen one.
Welcome to the Wicked Chase, a game for brothers and participants.
After all, wouldn’t you want a chance for more wealth?
The rules are easy—you only need to last for two hours in the woods of Monterrey Castle.
We. Are. Privileged.

Trapped – Lola Malone

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