To Ride the Wind by Melanie Cellier

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To Ride the Wind (Four Kingdoms Duology #1) by Melanie Cellier

Charlotte has always longed to be accepted by her older sisters. She would gladly exchange her vaunted beauty for their friendship. But they ask a far higher price. Pushed into marriage with a stranger, Charlotte is left betrayed and alone. All she knows of her new husband is that he has secrets—and that her heart beats a little faster whenever he calls her Lottie.

Princess Gwendolyn’s people are different—that’s why they dwell high in the mountains, far from all other kingdoms. So she’s shocked when she discovers her mother plans to marry her by force to a stranger from outside their lands. And when she uncovers the full truth, she knows the queen’s scheming has gone too far. Gwen must intervene before her mother’s destructive touch blights the entire world. If only there was someone who could help her. But the boy who was Gwen’s only true friend has long since disappeared, and she’d do anything to find him. But her mother has made that impossible.

In this reimagining of the classic fairy tale, East of the Sun and West of the Moon, a commoner and a princess must forge a friendship in order to find a path through the secrets and lies that surround them.

If you enjoy clean romance, adventure, intrigue, found families, and friendship, then try the Four Kingdoms duology now which retells one classic fairy tale across two books!

To Ride the Wind – Melanie Cellier

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