To Protect by Cecelia Mecca

To Protect (The Knight School Chronicles #2) by Cecelia Mecca – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Love and loyalty collide in a medieval tale of swords, secrets, and sacrifice.
England, 1152
Sir Roland de Vere, renowned as one of England’s most formidable swordsmen, faces a choice between duty to his family and allegiance to a secret knightly order. At a time when political strife threatens to tear the realm apart, Roland’s loyalty is further tested when he falls for Amalia, a fierce and passionate lady’s maid whom he can never call his own.As they embark on a mission to overthrow the king, Roland and Amalia’s journey becomes a delicate dance of love and political intrigue. With each step, Roland risks not only his noble standing as an earl’s eldest son but also the safety of those he holds dear.
Will Roland’s commitment to duty shatter his chance at love? Can Amalia entrust her heart to a renowned charmer like Sir Roland de Vere? Find out in the second installment of The Knight School Chronicles.

To Protect – Cecelia Mecca ePUB

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