To Claim a Silver Curse by Isabella Khalidi

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To Claim a Silver Curse (Bound by Flame) by Isabella Khalidi

A rogue dragon slayer. A beast with a secret agenda. And a fated bond that will change them forever.

Nyra Haldane is in hiding. After abandoning her military post when a mission goes wrong, the last place that she expects to find herself in is on the hunt for the very same silver dragon that she thought she had successfully destroyed all those years ago.
The only trouble is, the dragon is very much alive and is now also hunting her.
When she crosses paths with a beautiful stranger, a new problem arises. She is captured, by an entirely different type of predator – or so she thinks. Little does she know that her broodingly handsome captor with the piercing blue eyes and magnetic aura is hiding a secret of his own, one that will complicate matters and make their intense mutual attraction very hard to ignore.
Will she dare defy destiny…or will she give in to temptation?

To Claim a Silver Curse – Isabella Khalidi

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