Time to Learn to Love by Lavinia Glen

Time to Learn to Love (Love Through Time #2) by Lavinia Glen – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

A man and a woman on a mission to understand love.Dariux couldn’t wait to leave Victorian England. He was from the future, where he had his carefully engineered life to suit his needs. This expedition to the past was scrambling his senses. Nothing was going right. First, they had accidentally dragged an innocent bystander into the past with them. And now he had an even bigger problem. He couldn’t stop thinking about his maddening, alluring colleague. They were here to study love and human relations, not to experience them. Or so he thought.
An expedition to the past.For Kalli, the attraction between her and her handsome colleague is the perfect opportunity to further her investigation. A chance to conclude a decade-long study and find the answers to the biggest issue facing humanity in her century; the lack of love and human relations. So what if she experiences unprecedented pleasure in the arms of Dariux? It is just a simple, convenient arrangement, right?
And a love that will change the course of their lives.But once they succumb to passion, nothing is as easy or clear-cut as they thought. Relationships don’t fit into a predetermined structure. And when their convenient arrangement turns into so much more, they will realize the stakes are much higher than they thought. And the only way to understand love is to experience it.

Time to Learn to Love – Lavinia Glen ePUB

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