Thrown to the Wolves by Persephone Black

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Thrown to the Wolves (The Red Rivals Duet #1) by Persephone Black

Lyssa can’t resist a damsel in distress…but she’ll wish she resisted this one.

The ferocious Styx Syndicate enforcer and trainer known as “the Wolf” has always been the hunter, never the hunted. So when Lyssa sees the gorgeous Scarlett getting harassed by thugs in a dive bar she’s visiting for intel, she jumps straight into protective mode.
But Lyssa soon discovers that not every damsel needs saving.
And sometimes, wolves wear sheep’s clothing…
Lyssa thought she’d buried her past, but now it’s rushing back with a vengeance—literally. Scarlett has a score to settle, and she’s not going to back off.
The Styx Syndicate wants Scarlett dead. But Lyssa sees potential in her nemesis—and maybe something more. Something Lyssa has never allowed herself to want.
Something she didn’t think was even an option.

Can Lyssa persuade the Syndicate to give Scarlett a chance? Or will she follow orders like she always has, and destroy the one person who makes her feel like something more than a monster?

Thrown to the Wolves – Persephone Black

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