Thirteen of a Kind by Sandi Lynn

Thirteen of a Kind (Kind Brothers #18) by Sandi Lynn – Download this ePUB for Free & share your feedback in the comments.

Before she passed away, my mother’s final words to me were an apology, pleading for my forgiveness. I was puzzled until, after her death, I received a letter that revealed everything. Amidst my grief, I learned the truth about my biological father and the existence of six siblings in Venice, California—a revelation after twenty-nine years of believing I was an only child.After careful consideration and curiosity, I sold my mother’s home and my shares in her company.

I left Connecticut and moved to California to check out this newfound family of mine. Every move I made was calculated. After all, I couldn’t just pop in and announce I was their long-lost sister. I would watch them, study them, and when the time was right, they’d know exactly who I was.Just when I thought life couldn’t throw me any more curveballs, I met Dr. Nick Russo, a ruggedly handsome doctor and good friend of Dr. Christian Kind. He was sexy in more ways than one whose heart had been broken as mine once was. He shook my world, unraveling emotions I’d long buried.Everything happened too fast. I was navigating a new city, family, and a man slowly stealing my heart—a heart I wasn’t willing to give so easily.

Thirteen of a Kind – Sandi Lynn ePUB

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