Thief by Amelia Mist

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Thief (The Exiled Trilogy #1) by Amelia Mist

A former thief, now a dispirited maid, Larina spends the latter half of her twenties in a constant state of apathy, drowning in debt, and starving. Could life pulverize her more?

By twisted fate, Mero, her exiled, criminal ex-boyfriend, frames her little brother for murder. The Thief King claims it was an accident, unaware it was him.
Although she’d rather strangle him for his past transgressions, she has no means to pull together to save her brother from execution.
She must accept Mero’s help.
They set out on their wearisome travel to the palace and memories stained with unbridled emotions resurface.
Unhinged desires claw beneath her skin as she experiences his brutal way of living, and Mero returns to his old obsessive and possessive tendencies, as his need for her intensifies.

Despite her urges, she must resist familiar temptations as fear of her brother exiling her for giving in emerges. Heart and mind clash as her revitalizing soul demands freedom. But in pursuing it, she could lose the very person she’s trying to save.

Thief – Amelia Mist

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