These Vicious Fae by G. Bailey

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These Vicious Fae (Chrysalis Pack #2) by G. Bailey, Scarlett Snow

The moon and the star gods have given me my mates…but one of them is my enemy.
When I finally have a place to call home, I’m taken away from it just as the fae launch their attack on the pack. Rueven—the dark prince of the fae—sweeps me off to his home and says he is never letting me go.
He showed me mercy but now he wants my heart.

My alphas will come for me. They won’t let me go either. And yet as I explore the beautiful and magical world of the fae, everything I have learnt about is thrown into question. Are they the villains? Or can they be so much more?
I might be the first omega in decades, but I’m also the first fated mate to cross the stars in centuries. When I go into heat, I need my mates close to me, now more than ever, even if they all don’t get along…
Even if they want to kill each other.
I’m Verena Redrook, half wolf, half fae, and I’m going to fix this vicious world.

These Vicious Fae – G. Bailey, Scarlett Snow

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