Their Vengeance by LK Shear [ePub]

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Their Vengeance (Siren’s Vengeance #2) by LK Shear

My brothers didn’t try to have me killed. So who the hell did?

Yana’s quest for vengeance isn’t over, and she’s no longer alone. Her brothers are coming to terms with her being alive, while she is coming to terms with all of the anger and bitterness she has held for them for a decade now.
They will all have to work together to work out who is really behind the plot that tore their family apart, and claim their vengeance.
The only way to repay betrayal, is with death. There will be a lot more death before the debts the Sirota siblings are owed are paid.

Their Vengeance – LK Shear

Download Their Vengeance by LK Shear [ePub]

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