The Youth Elixir by Cindy Kirk

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The Youth Elixir (GraceTown #5) by Cindy Kirk

If life in GraceTown has taught Matilda Beemis anything, it’s that incredible doesn’t mean impossible…
At ninety-two, Matilda knows she has reached a time when there are more days behind her than ahead. And that’s okay. Surrounded by beloved friends, she’s grateful for every day. Still, listening to others plan their futures, Til can’t help but imagine, what if?

What if she had left GraceTown? What if she had married and had children? What if she had pursued her passions, rather than focusing on bettering the lives of those around her?
An encounter with a mysterious stranger offers Til a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: a chance to start over and begin anew as a young woman.
Til has been many things in life, but never a risk-taker…until now.

The Youth Elixir – Cindy Kirk

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