The Write Off by K.M. Gillis

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The Write Off (Love In 2C #3) by K.M. Gillis

There’s a fine line between love and loathe.
Rilla Pine is ready for her main character moment, but first her debut fantasy novel must pass inspection by her uptight editor. Easy on her eyes but hard on her head, he seems determined to dissect her life’s work.
Logan Carmichael turns manuscripts into bestsellers. A seasoned professional with ladders to climb and deadlines to meet, he has little patience for the erratic, albeit captivating, author who seems to find joy in pushing buttons he didn’t know he had.
Working together is plausible. Finding common ground and falling for the very person they’d like to set on fire? It’s a plot twist neither one saw coming.

The Write Off – K.M. Gillis

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