The Witch’s Secret Love by Deanna Chase [ePub]

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The Witch’s Secret Love (Witches of Befana Bay #2) by Deanna Chase

Lily Easton is a witch who makes a living writing satire for an advice column in Befana Bay’s weekly newspaper. Although she pretends to be jaded in love, it turns out, she’s a romantic at heart. It’s just too bad that she’s fallen for Braxton Kirkwood, a man who’s sworn off love. Frustrated by her lack of love prospects, Lily throws herself into work. But when half-a-dozen witches in Befana Bay start taking Lily’s obviously bad advice, it soon becomes clear her pen is poisoned and is compelling the witches to stalk her favorite eligible bachelor, Braxton Kirkwood. Now she has to break the spell before they chase off the one man she’s ever loved.

When it comes to love, Braxton Kirkwood is cursed. Literally. All it took was dating one crazy witch and now he’s destined for every new relationship to implode before the third date. It’s why he won’t let himself date Lily Easton, even though she’s already stole his heart with her sharp tongue and sweet smile. But when he suddenly finds himself being stalked by not just one witch, but six, he has to turn to the one witch he can’t resist—Lily Easton.

The Witch’s Secret Love – Deanna Chase

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